Recycle today for a nicer tomorrow.


Our Mission is to be the paper industry that contributes to a clean, healthy and sustainable future for all life on Earth. Also Providing customer oriented high quality product and services.


Our vision dwells upon being a global leader in the paper industry by accelerating growth through operational excellence.


To put sustainability at the heart and meet with the needs of the Multiple industries by supplying eco-friendly paper.


Nicer Paper Mills, Kathua (J&K) was established in 2011, to become one of the major producers of writing and printing paper in the country, contributing to a greener and an environmental friendly nation. We follow the ‘GO GREEN’ philosophy in our business model. Our factory campus is spread over an area of 12.5 acres and is very eco-friendly. As we are aware of our social responsibilities towards pollution and environment.

In India, three main sources as raw material are used to manufacture paper.

  • Wood / Bamboo accounts for roughly 23 %.
  • Agro Residne  (Begasse / Wheat Straw ) accounts for roughly 17-18 %.
  • Waste Paper / Recyded Fibre accounts for 60 %.

At Nicer Paper Mills We produce one of the finest quality wood free and chlorine free paper with state of art technology and machines. The Paper products can be used for marking:

  • Notebooks
  • Text books
  • Examination copies/ Answer sheet
  • Computer stationery etc

Our Products

Nicer is a Multi product-manufacturing plant which produces super quality and conforming to ISO standards and meeting customer requirements. We manufacture writing and printing papers as per the following specifications:

Machine Deckle

410 cm


150 Tons/Day


44 – 150 GSM

Finished deckle

400 cm – 405 cm

Writing & Printing Paper
Writing & Printing Paper
Writing & Printing Paper
Writing & Printing Paper
Writing & Printing Paper

Resources Saved Per Ton Of Paper Recycled

of sulphur
of limestone
of steam
of water

Waste Redefined


At NPM , we work towards conserving our environment. Our Principal source of raw material is waste paper.

We remain mindful of the huge losses suffered by the environment through deforestation.


We believe in maintaining the equilibrium of the envivoment and so we strire to give back to it all that we can we plant trees, maintain strict adherence to the pollution norms, recycle water and residne.


Throughout our products , activities and services, we endearour to minimize any adverse impact on the envivonment by means of pollution prevention, energy and water conservation. In this way cost savings, increased operational efficiency and improved quality of products and services are achieved as well as safe envivonment maintained for the community as a whole.